◉ What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback basically is the feedback of unconscious body signals, the body normally deals with "automatically".

◉ What does Biofeedback accomplish?

On a screen you will be able to see and hear the influence of your thoughts, emotions, stress and relaxation on your own body!

You will learn to recognize physical processes such as muscular Relaxation your pulse, the temperature of your skin and your respriation, take your infulence on it and those abilities to Speed up the process of convalescence.

◉ How does Biofeedback work?

Through sensors that being attached to the Body, physical processes will be made discernible.

This offers the great opportunity to work on body functions, we normally don't even know exist.

As soon as you have reached your goal, the computer will give you feedback such as music, sounds, noises, a video clip or an animation.
All in all, the computer shows you what is going on with your body in real time. That way you will be able to gain new self-perception.
As soon as you have learned to control your bodyfunctions, Biofeedback will no longer be necessary. 


◉ Who does Biofeedback serve?

If you are a child or an adult with the following pathologies, Biofeedback will help you:

•      Headaches and migraine

•      Stress symptoms

•      ADHS/ difficulties in concentration

•      Insomnia

•      Muscular tensions

•      Bruxism

•      Tinnitus

•      Anxiety disorders and attacks

•      Incontinence

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Für ein erfolgreiches Training sind zwischen 10 und 30 Sitzungen sinnvoll. Hinzu kommen 2 bis 3 Sitzungen für die Planung des Trainings und für dessen Begleitung. Zum Transfer in den Alltag werden Bilder, Videos und Entspannungsmusik zum Eigentraining (zu Hause / am Arbeitsplatz / in der Schule) weitergegeben.
Bei einem erfolgreichen Training ist eine deutliche Verbesserung der Symptome und damit eine Steigerung der Lebensqualität sowie der allgemeinen Leistungsfähigkeit zu erwarten.

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