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What is Psychiatry?


Occupational therapy in psychiatry treats patients of all ages with psychotic, neurotic and psychosomatic disorders, e.g. personality and behavioral disorders, depression, eating disorders, dementia syndromes, addictions, etc.


Goals of psychiatry:

The goals of occupational therapy treatments include:


  • Improvement and stabilization of the basic performance functions such as: drive, motivation, resilience, endurance, flexibility and independence

  • Improvement of perception processing and behavior appropriate to the situation

  • Promotion of mental stabilization and self-confidence

  • Improvement and maintenance of thought processes (action planning, problem-solving strategies, orientation)

  • Everyday training to improve independence

  • Brain performance training to improve cognitive functions, such as: concentration, attention, reaction, retentiveness, memory


The basic goal of psychiatric occupational therapy is to awaken and build up emotional, social and cognitive skills and to enable the patient to be as independent as possible in everydays life.

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