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What is Pediatrics?


Pediatrics is aimed at children and adolescents whose intellectual development has stalled, whose independence or ability to act is restricted, or to children who are disabled or are exposed to a disability.

The following list of potential difficulties for children should be an example of what pediatrics could help with:

·       Developmental disorder (motor and / and cognitive)

·       Sensory integration disorder

·       Deficits in perception

·       Motor deficits

·       Exercises for left-handers

·       Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

·       Little concentration

·       Difficulty paying attention

·       Learning disorder - dyslexia

·       Abnormal behavior

·       Low self-confidence / self-esteem

·       Bad social behavior

·       Cognitive impairments

·       Mental disorder

·       Mental and / or physical disorder

·       Autism



·       The child's level of development is fundamental and decisive for our work. Accordingly, the first step in treatment is to keep an accurate record of the results that acknowledge any of the problems in the list above. Based on this data, we can see the severity, possible correlations of problems and possible resources.

·       Pediatrics includes standardized test procedures, various monitoring procedures and can be supported by video analysis.

·       The goals to be achieved are set by the child, their caregiver and one of our therapists and can be adjusted throughout the therapy process.

·       The overall goal is to get the children to use their therapeutic successes in their daily life

·       Advising parents and working closely with them, as well as exchanging ideas with other people who look after the child / young person, e.g. teachers, educators, and pedagogues are an indispensable part of the overall multimodal concept of our practice and are very important to us.

·       Cooperation with doctors and other medical professionals is also very important. For many children, occupational therapy is part of an overall treatment concept that we help shape. Other medical measures may also be necessary, e.g. other remedies (physiotherapy, speech therapy), educational or psychotherapeutic measures, drug therapy or naturopathic procedures.

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