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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a medical remedy and is prescribed by a doctor.
It accompanies, supports and empowers people who are limited in their everyday abilities or who are threatened by limitations. Occupational therapists work in many medical fields with different focuses.


The aim is to achieve the greatest possible independence in everydays- and professional life. Occupational therapy is based on the fact that people develop, regain or expand the skills they need for life through everyday or action-oriented activities.


  • Occupational therapy is a component of medical remedies.

  • The framework conditions are regulated in the therapeutic products guidelines (agreed between professional associations - including that of occupational therapists - and the statutory health insurance companies).

  • Occupational therapy must be prescribed by a doctor.

  • The therapy takes place in our treatment rooms or, if prescribed by a doctor, also as a home treatment.

  • Appointments are made by arrangement.

  • We settle accounts with all health insurance companies.

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